Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lady Killer CD Lady Killer CD by Lisa Scottoline

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The woman reading this, Barbara Rosenblat, was born to read this book. Seriously.

The story was good too, but I don't think it would have come across as meant just by reading. Scottoline is a genius, but that shouldn't be news to anyone. Her books, and characters, tend to stay with you long after the book is over. There was absolutely nothing about this book that I did not love.

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Kelly P. said...

Ooh...loved this one....is this the latest one? So good - I love Mary DiNunzio - she is my favorite of all the lawyers at Bennie Rosato & Associates :)

I now have to check it out on CD. Thanks for the heads up!

robin said...

I'm kind of a spotty Scottoline reader, so I've missed a lot. Yes, this is the latest one. The CD also has an interview with her at the end. I'll have to read more!

I liked DiNunzio too, but there were times when I just wanted to strangle her! I guess that's how you know it's good!