Monday, August 4, 2008

Reading the OED?

There seems to be this trend now where people do something usless and then write a book about it. Nice work if you can get it, I suppose.

The bigger question is WHY anyone would think this was interesting. I mean, he read the dictionary! Big deal. Okay, it wasn't just any dictionary. I get that. The OED is huge. Gigantic. Ginormous, even. Volume upon volume, word after word, of knowledge. Straight up. No chaser.

I get it. But, seriously, if you're not doing this while simultaneously performing heart surgery and making meth in the bathtub, I just ain't that interested. Maybe that is cynical (maybe?!) but it's also the truth. We've had A.J. Jacobs both read the Britannica from top to bottom and live a year as if he were in biblical times.

This dude read the OED. Nope. Not that interesting.


jen said...

I'm going to sleep every day for a year and write about it. Care to join me on my upcoming book tour?

robin said...

Dude, that has totally been done before! I'm going to eat cheesecake every day for a year and write a book about it.

jen said...

I can top that - I'm going to breathe oxygen every day for a year. Publishers, let the bidding begin!