Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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Page (Protector of the Small) Page by Tamora Pierce

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The only problem I had with this book is a problem I have with many juvenile books: the characters don't act their age.

The main character in this book is supposed to be 11. Really? She's already done things that people twice her age have done. Come on. What the author seems to want to do is write a great story (which she did) that has older characters. BUT, for some reason, she feels compelled to make the characters younger. The problem is that you're going along with the great story and then, when age is mentioned, you're pulled right out by a cold blast of reality. And you think, no way could an 11 year old do these things! It completely ruins the magic of the book.

If you forget that minor detail, the book rocks.

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Miss Judicious said...

Hello! This is Jocelyn from the SBTB blog (comments section). I wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for commenting on my comment re: Public Lending Royalties - by the time I was done writing I wasn't sure it made much sense. I'm glad I wasn't completely blathering.

As for why I'm leaving the comment here rather than on the most recent post? I had exactly the same problem with "protector of the small" (and, in fact, almost all Tamora Pierce novels I've read after the age of 17). I still love the author, but the age issue just pulls me right out of the story line.

robin said...

Hey Jocelyn! I do feel like I'm just...not....getting it in that conversation. I get why it's lovely and important, but it would be terrible for libraries and set fair use and other lovely things back decades! Okay. I need to take a breath. :o)

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully, I'll get back into the habit of posting over here. And I'm still reading the Pierce books, but I've definitely cooled on them. I think it might be me, though. The kids love 'em, so maybe I'm on the wrong end of the age spectrum. :o)