Thursday, December 9, 2010

(Some of) My Pretties!

Yeah, I can't help myself with this "Best Of" ish that is going around. Here are some of the best covers I saw in 2010. Books may or may not be published in 2010, it's only that I saw the cover this year.

Gorgeous. I normally am not a fan of birds (on covers or in general, actually) but this is simply too beautiful to let slip by.

There is some room in our lives for pure hotness. Yes, Yes, we can talk about background image goodness and dark & stormy nights, but bottom line? He is hot. I could (and did) stare at those arms all day.

I'm not sure if the book lived up to the cover, but it looks amazing. The colors are vibrant, the detail is crisp. I know it's just "another dress cover" but with so many, it's easy to see one that stands out. The terrace door is open, and it almost looks like she's chilly! The moon seems to be hung a little low but.....

yeah, there is nothing pretty or charming or cute about this one. But it also looks very tactile. I wince whenever I see it.

If someone said the words "Urban Fantasy" to me, this is how I would picture the world. It has that SF feel to it. A very Post-Apocalyptic, Noir, Gotham City feel. I haven't read it yet (actually had forgotten all about it) but the cover did it's job and it is on it's way.

There were very few category romance covers this year that made me think "Damn, they are hot!" This one was one of them. The title is dumb, yes. I'll give you that. I have no idea if the book was any good (but I'm going to put a hold on it right now) but the COVER.......the cover is rockin the sexy.


Helgagrace said...

Maps of Hell has that same feeling in person. Thanks for sharing!

robin said...

It looks painful. Good thing libraries use mylar! :-)