Sunday, August 3, 2008

Review: Happy Hour is for Amateurs

Happy Hour is for Amateurs: a lost decade in the world's worst profession by "The Philadelphia Lawyer"

If you are thinking about law school, or are about to start your first year, skip this review. This is DEFINITELY not for you. If you're a 2 or 3L, you're too far gone now to quit, so I think it's safe.

You can tell by the title what this book is about, can't you? The hell on earth that is being a lawyer. I know, for a fact, that there are some happy lawyers in the world. The problem is they never write books about it. Too bad. Wanna know what else is too bad? That the whiner who wrote this book found a publisher. It isn't that I don't feel sorry for him about the law thing. Sure, it can suck being in a profession you hate..... but that is the least of his problems. Reading the book, I am just struck (over and over again) at what an asshole he is. I know, I know. The lawyers reading this are shaking their heads like....duh. What else would he be? Maybe so, but it is just really apparent and tragic that someone with the benefit of a good education is such an idiot. The things he does with his friends, the things they think are just HILARIOUS? Maybe I'm too old to be reading this book. I'll have to give him credit for going the full nine and making himself look as pathetic as he does. He certainly doesn't pull any punches. And, if he does, then I don't wanna know about it. It couldn't possibly be worse.

Give this a read if you're interested. I certainly can't recommend it to anyone, though. I can't think of a single redeeming quality about it, and I feel dumber today after reading it.