Saturday, March 14, 2009

Review: Just Like Candy

Just Like Candy Just Like Candy by Kimberly Kaye Terry

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After the first disappointing KKT book, I was hesitant to try this one. But, it was leaps and bounds better than the other one. The sex wasn't as prevelant, but it was written a heck of a lot better. The story line was clear, made sense, was interesting, had a beginning middle and end.....all the things I expect when I pick up a book that advertises a story line. To be clear, some books tell you up front that you're just going to get 210 pages of hot sex, and that's great! You know what you're getting into (hee!) when you open the cover. But, if you SAY there is going to be a story, there had damn well better be one. There is here.

Hero and Heroine are developed fairly well. The daughter was glossed over a bit, but the Hero's relationship with her, from his point of view, was pretty defined. I think there was a little beating over the head as far as Heroine being "different" and "exotic" or "doing her own thang" so on, so forth, this that and the other. Yes, we get it. She's a "free spirit". Ugh. If you have to tell me that all the time, maybe she isn't a free spirit. Just a thought.

There was the beginning of a subplot romance going on with the sister and the best friend, but that never went anywhere which is too bad. I was getting curious about them. Maybe that is planned for a future book. All in all, it was a good read.

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Kelly P. said...

Okay, here's the thing...I would love to buy a steamy romance novel every now and then, but I am just too damn embarrassed to take it to the counter!! How do I get past that feeling?! ;)

robin said...

You know, that is a pretty common question! At the library, because I work here, peeps are always "commenting" on the books I check out. Ridic. I guess that is one way to get over it. If I were buying, I'd probably use amazon. I caution against buying though: some of them will make you PHYSICALLY ANGRY that you spent money on them. Yes, they're that bad. :) The Fort has an awesome library, though. They even bought Big Spankable Asses (which I was too chicken shit to buy for IMCPL.)